Converse | advertising

Task: Creation and production of a conceptual Advertising Campaign for the brand of shoes of my choice.

Role: Conceptualisation and development of a creative pitch. Shooting and editing the final print ad. 

Tools: Lightroom CC, Photoshop & Illustrator. 



print ad

A fun and challenging assignment: communicating the value of a brand without showing the product itself. 

For this project, I chose Converse a brand that stands for self- expression, diversity, rebelliousness and creativity.

The story 

Be the flow.

I developed a creative pitch and a final print Ad that advocates the importance of going beyond our limits and stepping out from our comfort zone to be unique and original – just like Converse stands for. 

A visual story of an original and creative girl that doesn’t conform with the mass. She uses headphones instead of common pony tails, she makes her own craft- earrings and she loves eating fries with cream and M&M on top. 

She doesn’t go with the flow. She’s the flow. 

See the creative pitch at this link: Converse – Creative Pitch